Week One -
  • Company requests a proposal from the research consultant.
  • Proposal is developed and provided to the client.  This includes a summary of the recommended methodology, the timing of the research, the costs and implementation details such as the location where the study will occur, the recruitment specifications and the general topics that would be covered in the study.
Week Two -
  • Recruitment screening questionnaire is developed and provided to the client for concurrence.  This provides the information we would use to find the types of people who are desired in the research.
  • Moderator drafts a discussion guide.  Often, this will require a meeting or phone conversation with the client.  This guide outlines all topics to be covered in the research and the timing associated with each.
  • Recruitment begins
Weeks Three and Four -
  • Research is conducted.  In almost every situation there are two or three focus groups conducted in each market, with the sessions normally occurring at 6 & 8pm and lasting for one hour and forty-five minutes.  In the case of triads or one-on-one's the sessions normally will last about one hour and 3 to 5 would be held each day.
Within Five Working Days of the Last Group -
  • The Final Report is delivered.  This contains the summary of the key findings from the research as well as the moderator's conclusions and recommendations.

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