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Moderating Focus Groups


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Note: The Practical Handbook and Guide to Focus Group Research is now out of print, but a few copies are left and can be obtained directly from Tom Greenbaum. Please send a check to Tom Greenbaum , President , Groups Plus. The cost is $19.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. We will send out the book the same day the order is received.

The other books must be purchased directly from the publisher.

The Practical Handbook And Guide To Focus Group Research
  1. A Brief Research Overview
  2. The Focus Group: An Introduction
  3. Preparing For Focus Group Sessions
  4. Group Composition
  5. The Focus Group Moderator
  6. Setting Up Focus Group Sessions
  7. The Cost Elements Of Focus Group Research

    Appendix 7A: Focus Group Research Supplier Survey: Summary Of Findings


  8. Maximizing The Value Of Focus Group Research
  9. The Ethics Of Focus Group Research
  10. Focus Groups With Children
  11. A Career In The Focus Group Industry
  12. Outlook - Focus Groups In The Future

The Handbook For Focus Group Research
  1. Focus Groups: An Overview
  2. Research Decisions
  3. Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Focus Group Research
  4. Common Mistakes In Focus Groups
  5. The Moderator
  6. Focus Groups and the Technology Revolution
  7. Controlling the Costs of Focus Group Research
  8. New Moderating Techniques
  9. Global Focus Groups
  10. Litigation Focus Groups
  11. Focus Groups With Physicians
  12. Trends in the 1990's
  13. Effective Management of Field Services and Recruiting
  14. Threats to the Focus Group Industry
  15. A Career as a Moderator
  16. Building a Business Moderating Focus Groups
  17. The Role of the Facility

The Consultant's Manual
  1. Marketing Your Consulting Service
  2. Should You Enter The Consulting Business?
  3. The Business Plan
  4. Defining The Business
  5. Developing A Company Identity
  6. Planning Your Company's Finances

    Part 2 - Implementation


  7. Building Awareness Of Your Business - Direct Methods
  8. Building Awareness Of Your Business - Indirect Methods
  9. Developing A Brochure
  10. Selling Your Consulting Services
  11. The Consulting Proposal
  12. Handling Objections
  13. Service In A Consulting Business
  14. The Ethics Of The Consulting Business

Moderating Focus Groups
  1. Introduction
  2. The Focus Group Methodology
  3. Focus Groups Versus One-on-One (In-Depth) Interviews
  4. The Role of the Moderator
  5. The Characteristics of a Successful Moderator
  6. Preparation for Moderating
  7. Recruiting Participants
  8. Pre and Post Group Briefings
  9. The Discussion Guide
  10. External Stimuli
  11. The Moderator Report
  12. Moderating Fundamentals
  13. Advanced Moderating Techniques
  14. Unique Moderating Situations
  15. Moderating Focus Groups Internationally
  16. Building a Business Moderating Focus Groups
  17. Pricing Focus Groups
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