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The goal of Custom Smart is to provide clients with tailored solutions that are designed specifically to deliver cost effective, timely, action-oriented answers.   This is accomplished by establishing close working relationships with our Clients which enable us to understand the key leveragable aspects of their business so the most appropriate research methodologies can be developed and the most effective questions can be incorporated into the research instrument.


Why Can Custom Smart Produce Superior Research Results?


What is the approach to implementing Custom Smart Research assignments?

The Custom Smart research process involves the following five key steps:

  • Consultation - Understanding the research and business objectives via in-depth discussions with appropriate Client personnel of the assignment
  • Design - Designing a research methodology that will best address the objectives
  • Collection - Gathering information of the highest quality and integrity
  • Analysis - Implementing the most thorough analysis of the data possible using the appropriate analytical tools for the assignment
  • Reporting - Developing reports that are insightful, action-oriented and timely


Groups Plus Custom Smart Suite

Answering Questions

Each of the Smart Suite offerings is designed to provide specific business solutions.   Below is a brief list of some of the applications these offerings have been used for.

Brand Smart - measuring the strength of a brand

  • Determining the relative strengths and weaknesses of a brand
  • Evaluating how a brand compares to the major competitors
  • Exploring ways to best leverage the strength of a brand
  • Assessing the aspects of my business that are influencing brand perceptions
  • Evaluating the gaps between customersí and non- customersí perceptions of the brand

Customer Smart - listening to the voice of the customer

  • Measuring customersí satisfaction with the firm and determining how satisfaction translates to loyalty
  • Integrating the voice of the customer into an employee compensation plan
  • Determining the financial gains, if any, of having satisfied customers
  • Identifying the key issues that drive satisfaction
  • Exploring the types of problems customers are encounter and how the organization handles them
  • Measuring customersí perceptions of front-line staff
  • Utilizing feedback from front line employees to improve the service delivery channels

Track Smart - evaluating attitudes and performance over time

  • Tracking consumer awareness of a marketing campaign over time?
  • Measuring how consumersí attitudes towards specific trends change over time
  • Measuring customersí perceptions of the service provided by the different service channels?
  • Assessing if customers are aware of changes that management has implemented

Segment Smart - measuring the attitudes and needs of different customer segments

  • Identifying the different segments of customers/consumers
  • Defining the segments attitudinally and behaviorally
  • Exploring the similarities and differences between the segments and how the organization can react to the similarities and differences
  • Determining the needs of these segments and how to most effectively market to them?

Competitor Smart - measuring the perceptions of the competition

  • Assessing the positioning of the major brands in the category and what gaps exist for new entries
  • Identifying the most important trends in the marketplace
  • Determining the most significant strengths and weaknesses of the competition relative to my product/brand?
  • Exploring how loyal the competitorsí customers are

Web Smart - measuring the perceptions of the competition

  • Web site evaluation among user and non-users
  • Evaluating the ease of navigation of the web site
  • Determining the consistency of the web site image with that of the basic franchise
  • Assessing whether the web site answers the questions users need to know
  • Exploring missing elements that will improve the overall appeal of the web site
  • Identify other sites users consider to be competitors



Our Quantitative Experience


ABC Radio
Double Cola
Katz Broadcasting



Keyspan Energy


Douglas Elliman

Kohler Company

Bank of Montreal

First Bank

Lafayette College

Bergdorf Goodman

Frankford Candy & Chocolate

Merril Lynch Relocation Management


Gates Energy Products


Capitol Light & Supply Co.

General Cinema

Quest Diagnostics


Gruner & Jahr

Royal & SunAlliance USA


Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Reichhold Chemicals

Conde Nast Publications

Hearst Publications


CS First Boston

Holmes Protection

Storage USA

Depository Trust and Clearing Corp.

KABC Radio




Investment Banking

Real Estate relocation services

Business Services

Local Radio

Rechargeable batteries

Call Centers


Residential Real Estate


Medical Testing

Retail Banking

Chemical Manufacturing

Network Radio

Self Storage

Credit Cards

Non Profits

Soft Drinks

Electrical Suppliers

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Software Support

High End Retailers - Department Store

Plumbing Manufacturing


Insurance Claims

Private Banking